Welcome to Mosadi Mooka Empowerment Services

Mosadi Mooka Empowerment Services is inspired by a Setswana proverb "Mosadi mooka o nya le mariga". This proverb loosely translated into English means a woman is like a eucalyptus tree, a tree that is evergreen - meaning that even when the tough gets going, you can rely on the creativity, tenacity and industriousness of a woman. With many complex issues facing young people of South Africa the company seeks to remain creative and evergreen to provide lasting and effective solutions to empower its clients to enhance their talents.

Because our emphasis is on the empowerment of our clients our approach to our work is facilitative in nature. This means that we collaborate with and are receptive to our clients understanding of their world and their problems. In turn, we use our expertise to help our clients formulate relevant and lasting solutions for themselves.

The company is owned by young South Africans who are sport, arts & culture enthusiast and strategic managers. With all the abundance of sport, arts & culture talent in South Africa there has been a sad reality which saw scores of highly talented individuals not reaching their full potential due to not having the right skills to manage fame and deal with pressures that come with operating at the highest level. In our view these talented individuals need to be empowered early in their careers to see their careers as something that they need to manage themselves and maximize the benefits that come with it.

Mosadi Mooka Empowerment Services appreciates the historical and as well as the current context in which sport, arts & culture talented individuals are plying their trade in the development and promotion of social cohesion in South Africa. Consequently, we are committed to making a contribution that will see these heroes staying longer in the business at the highest level and taking charge of their careers.